Terms and Conditions


General terms

1. By buying on GoophoneShop.eu you fully accept the following terms and conditions.
2. GoophoneShop.eu, performs services, mediates and helps to organize the purchase of products displayed in our store, via the Internet.
By placing an order, the buyer does not buy the product, and the service consists of:
Help with concluding a contract with a foreign supplier (United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Turkey, Japan) and assistance in forwarding this amount to the supplier for delivery to the buyer’s address (the price shown at the auction is the total price for Service, product and shipment)
Providing assistance to the buyer with possible complaint, warranty or return of the product from a foreign supplier
The offer is addressed to individuals. Exposure of the product is not an offer, but an invitation to negotiate. Bidding status occurs at the time of order approval by GoophoneShop.eu.
3. GoophoneShop.eu allows payment by bank transfer.
4. Photographs and descriptions are informative and may slightly deviate from the actual state. This does not constitute grounds for any claims against GoophoneShop.eu. Any claims can only be directed to the manufacturer or supplier through us.
5. GoophoneShop.eu only exposes the goods of the supplier. The description, photos and products are the property of the supplier. Any claims relating to the description, photos or products should be directed to the supplier through us, GoophoneShop.eu does not bear responsibility for them.
6. All trade names, descriptions or trademarks are the property of their respective owners and their respective owners. They are used for information purposes only.
7. All products offered at auctions are owned by foreign sellers, GoophoneShop.eu has no rights to them, only presents them on their offers.
8. By deciding to buy in our store the Buyer grants us a power of attorney to order the goods on his behalf and to transfer the payment to the foreign supplier / manufacturer.
9. Specifications of the phones are only informative recived phones may have different specs.

Order submission and execution procedure

1. Order a service can be submitted using the button “to the cart”.
2. The basic condition for your purchases is to correctly fill in your contact details with a valid, existing email address and / or phone number under which you will be able to confirm your order.
3. Order can be made 24 hours a day throughout the year.
4. All products are shipped by a foreign supplier via Air Mail or DHL Courier. The final delivery phase is realized by Local Post or DHL.
5. The order can be waived if the consignment has not been delivered, when the consignment is already shipped to the customer’s address, there is no possibility of resignation until it is received.
6. The price on our auctions is the total price and consists of the cost of the service of ordering a product abroad by GoophoneShop.eu and the price of the product from the supplier. GoophoneShop.eu also helps in transferring the amount for the product to a foreign supplier. Total prices are in EUR (may also be converted to other currencies for foreign orders).
7. The company issues a bill for the service on request. To get an account please let GoophoneShop.eu. Price on the site is the total price, includes the service charge for the order and for the goods: (product assistance in ordering the product abroad) + (the amount for the product and shipping from the supplier where the transfer to GoophoneShop.eu also helps). The “Mediation Services” service will appear on the invoice. The invoice will include the cost of the service without the cost of the ordered product from the supplier. Money for the product is only passed by us.
8. The company runs only internet services, there is no possibility of individual pickup.


1. Orders are shipped from the warehouse of the foreign supplier. Estimated delivery time by airmail is 15 to 60 working days from the date of shipment from the tracking system. Orders will be shipped out in 1-5 business days depending on what day of the the week it is and how high the demand of orders may be on that given day. If the product does not arrive by then, please contact us and we will refund the money. The buyer who receives the refund and the package is already sent to it and its status is displayed in the tracking system at the time of receiving the package is obliged to:
A) return the parcel to the seller’s address
B) notify us of your intention to stop the shipment and transfer the amount back to our account
These actions must be completed up to 7 days from the date of receipt of a message from GoophoneShop.eu informing you that you have received notification of delivery.
Complaint handling mode
1. Complaints about the assistance service may be submitted in writing, by phone, orally or by e-mail. The complaint should contain the name of the person submitting the complaint (name, address, e-mail address) and a description of the reason for the complaint. Complaints will be processed within 14 days of receipt of the application.
2. As part of the service rendered, GoophoneShop.eu is involved in the complaint, guarantee or return of the product from a foreign supplier. The following is a list of rules consistent with the local law of the foreign supplier.

Complaint procedure, guarantee, return with foreign supplier

1. The warranty procedure starts at the following events:
– when the shipment was damaged during transport
– when the item is lost
– when another product is mistakenly sent
– when the product does not work properly
In such cases the product is replaced with a new one, the notification should be made within the first 30 days. We can ask you to take pictures of the product and package parcels, so we recommend keeping the packaging for 1 month to facilitate the procedure. A new product is sent after a defective return.
All proceedings are conducted in accordance with the laws in force in the country of the seller, the warranty period is 12 months and covers the factory defects of the goods.
2. If you want to complain about the goods you should send it back to the address of the foreign seller. In order to receive an email address, please send us an e-mail about your wish to our e-mail address. We reserve a maximum of 5 business days for forwarding your address.
3. Returns of unused goods can be made up to 10 days after receipt of the shipment, after prior contact with our company.
4. The customer can not claim a refund if the status of the order is “processing” and the package has not yet been shipped For reasons beyond the GoophoneShop.
5. If the customer decides to return after receiving the item, he will receive the same cost of the phone without the cost of the service.
6. Refunds can be processed up to 60 work days from the date we recive product to our factory.

Taxes and duty

1. The shipment may be detained for customs control. In the event of the imposition of duties and taxes, these fees must be paid by the customer and are the responsibility of the customer. 99.9% of packages are not retained because their declared value is too low.

Security of your data

1. We offer privacy and safe shopping. We never disclose personal information to third parties. All information collected by us is used only for the proper ordering process.
Shipping invoices and bills

Shipping invoices and bills

1. Confirmation of the sale of the service is the proof of purchase. We would like to confirm this by contacting us.
2. Proof of purchase confirming purchase of the service can be received electronically.
3. Receipt of proof of purchase as a PDF or jpg file is free. The buyer must be able to receive and view the purchase receipt as a PDF file and must have an e-mail address to be sent and must have a program to view PDF files.
4. GoophoneShop.eu reserves the right to change the regulations, any amendments to the regulations come into force within 7 days of their announcement. Contracts placed before the entry into force of the changes are implemented on the basis of the existing rules. Changing of the rules does not affect already placed orders.
5. Service cost is different for every phone, and can be up to 70% value of phone.
6. All the claims or asks for refunds have to be sent on our e-mail adress support@goophoneshop.eu and must have: order number and amount of order. Any other ways to communicate will be refused.
Thank you for using our services, we make every effort to make the customer always happy and come back to us again.